VR Monster Awakens Ver.0.2 Released!!

Here are some of the key changes for the upcoming patch: – Addition of traditional and simplified Chinese UI supports for selection; – Boss Fight Enhancements: Player can no longer stand inside the boss 3D model; Player will be knocked back if boss rush into the player; Higher durability of boss; Fixed improper spawn position

We are happy to read the article about VR Monster Awakens by VRFocus! Happy smashing everybody! Unleash The Monster Within, In HTC Vive Title ‘VR Monster Awakens’  

Live out that one dream you had and play as the gigantic monster that ravages a city in VR Monster Awakens. Recommendation: In Early Access and you should definitely keep your eye on it to see if value grows.   New HTC Vive Releases For The Week Of 12/19/16

Our long waiting new VR game (HTC Vive required), VR Monster Awakens, will finally be available on STEAM Early Access on 23 Dec 2016 Hong Kong Time! (PST 22 Dec 2016 18:00) Ready to become a giant monster during Christmas? HTC Vive owners just remember to purchase VR Monster Awakens on STEAM starting from tomorrow!

We are so proud and happy to announce the game will be launched as early access on STEAM very soon. We hope you all will like and enjoy this VR game which we put a lot efforts on it. Check out our official website for more details:

LET’S PLAY!! Have a happy weekend at Lan Kwai Fong Carnival 2016 (19-20 Nov). Thank you all of you who have visited our booth in Lan Kwai Fong Carnival 2016 during these 2 days! Hope you all enjoy our game and see you again in the future!          

《VR Monster Awakens》榮幸地奪得 HKGD : Hong Kong Game competition & Expo 2016 “公開組金獎”及”最佳VR獎”! 多謝所有支持本遊戲的朋友及感謝香港遊戲創作協會舉辦是次活動及頒發此獎項! 另外,好高興我o地既遊戲受到各位既歡迎!見到大家玩得咁投入同開心就係我地繼續創作既動力。是次亦都唔單止係參加比賽,當中亦都認識左好多值得學習同欣賞既人和事非常感謝能直接和大家交流想法和意見。 “VR Monster Awakens” won Gold Award (Open group) plus “The Best VR Award” in the HKGD : Hong Kong Game competition & Expo 2016! Thank you everyone for the support and HKGD for giving us this prestigious title!