Probably the MOST challenging arcade space shooter and endless dodging game ever!

“ALIENGINE is an infuriatingly good shooter.” –
“Bronze Award (Open Group)” – HKGD Game Competition & Expo 2015

In order to systematically control interstellar travels, Galactic Federation selected several dangerous districts for spaceship pilot ability testing. There are massive rocks, flying saucers controlled by A.I. and unidentified giant creatures in those testing districts. Spaceship pilots will need to push their limit for better travel time record.

All spaceship pilots from under Galactic Federation want to prove their skills and actively joined the test for competing the title of number one pilot in the universe.

Do you think you can be the best spaceship pilot?
Let’s try and challenge other pilots all around the universe!

◉ Simple and direct one-touch control; dodge and attack at the same time
◉ Crystals with special functions: energy shield, electric wave, time freeze and 3-way attack
◉ Endless waves of moving obstacles and dangerous enemies
◉ Challenge players all around the world with high score and survival time.
◉ Several well-designed spaceships controlled by different alien species for players to unlock
◉ iCloud support (player’s spaceship unlock and ads removal are synced with all linked iOS devices)
◉ More spaceships and content in future updates